Don’t call me a…

Don’t call me a .NET Developer. I just happen to be working on building an application that is built to run on the .NET Framework.

Don’t call me a C# developer. I just happen to be building an application that utilizes C#.

Don’t call me a JavaScript Developer, though I’m writing JavaScript right now. Wat?

Don’t call me a web developer.  I’ve built desktop applications, background services, tools.

I’ve built applications in Java, C, and C++ and nobody died.

I’ve added new functionality to legacy applications, implemented domain specific languages, helped a team write a compiler for a subset of Pascal.

I’ve written code in Prolog and Lisp.

I’ve solved a few Euler problems with Ruby. I’ve written a tiny bit of F#.

I’ve maintained build scripts written in Python.

I studied Computing Science and have a love for the essence of software. I’m a developer. My skills are focused around problem solving, adapting and learning, with a background in the foundations of computing.

An implementation in a specific language is just one method of solving a problem. A detail.

Languages are tools. The essence of software development for me has always been about building something, creating something to solve a problem. Taking an idea and forming it into something that we can interact with or does work for us.

I don’t care if I start a new project tomorrow in a language I’ve never used in a foreign environment with tools I’ve never touched.

I’ll figure it out. I’ll make the code do what I want. I’ll learn.

And I’ll love it, because that’s what we do…