New Year, New Blog

I’ve had a shared blog in the past, but as things got busy, we let it slide a bit.  I also started to feel that stepping out on my own and posting my own thoughts would free me from over-thinking the content and how it fit into our combined goals.. and just let me be me and post my own random, incoherent thoughts, for better or worse.

After reading a recent blog post listing 11 things that every software developer should be doing in 2012, and letting it simmer for a while, I decided to resume blogging and try to contribute a bit more + try to challenge myself a bit more in the process.

In regard to the article, I agree with everything said, but I would encourage fellow developers to learn much more than one design pattern at a minimum (and Singleton doesn’t count ;P).  The recommended book is a good start — I’d also recommend checking out something like Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture . In my opinion, these are not books that I read from cover to cover, but I find I occasionally pick them up when I have a bit of spare time + curiosity to kill in learning something new.  They are also good references to fall back on when thinking about solving a problem, or refreshing your knowledge when you want or need to remember something specific.

Regarding #8 from the blog post, I plan to set some “reachable goals” for myself this year.  I would like to continue to learn to be a bit more intentional in organizing my self-learning.

I will try to post that someday soon to try to keep myself accountable…

Until then, dear reader…



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